Company At A Glance

Company At A Glance

PT Eka Nusantara Line (ENL) is committed to provide vessel charters to support the EPCIC marine offshore industry by always striving to meet the highest Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment protection/preservation measures & standards to satisfy our customers

Established in 2009, PT. ENL is one of the leading marine operator in the EPCIC offshore construction industries, providing specialized vessel to support various kind of services such as hook-up works, brown field works, pipeline installation works, heavy lifting works, dredging works and transportation works.

From humble beginnings as accommodation working barge operator, the Company has transformed into a leader in the local Indonesian marine service provider to assist offshore T&I contractor to complete some of the most challenging offshore works.

Finally, PT ENL is also strongly committed to also developing our People to be the core for building an efficient and sustainable business.