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Sisi Nubi Phase 2
By: rafly Jul 14, 2021 - 15:40

Sisi Nubi Phase 2

Sisi Nubi Phase 2 is a further development of Sisi and Nubi field, the objective of the Sisi Nubi Phase 2 development is to provide additional wells on existing slots or from new slots provided by installing platform extensions which allows additional production in 2011 to mitigate the short term Sisi Nubi production decline.

In the scope of Sisi Nubi Phase 2, 12 additional wells will be drilled from new and exisiting slots, which should be available at third quarter of 2011. Platform extensions are proposed on 2 platforms, WPN2 and MWPS platforms to accomodate 4 additional slots and drill up to 14 new development wells.