EKA NUSANTARA LINE places the highest priority on Health, Safety and Environmental Protection. Company personnel at all levels, both onshore and on board must be fully committed, competent and motivated to meet the objectives.

  • Establish protection against all identified risks.
  • Continue to improve the safety management skills of land and ship personnel, including preparing for emergencies related to safety and environmental protection.
  • Committed to strengthening the QHSE program and planning through the involvement of all personnel and all positions to monitor and achieve accident prevention measures.
  • Promote a positive safety culture by reducing incidents and injuries. The positive acknowledgment given to those who work healthily and safely and helps encourage all of us to always keep safety in mind in everything we do.
  • Creating a safety and near-miss reporting tool helps prevent incidents from actually happening. We use this as a tool to ensure we report every incident and every near miss and correct any issues that arise so that incidents similar don't happen again.
  • Demonstrate that healthy and safe is operation an essential element of efficient operation.
  • Has the responsibility and authority to protect the health of all employees, including taking preventive measures and early detection of COVID-19 as well as providing facilities in the form of masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, accommodation for crew members, catering crews and sub-contractors working in the company. for Antigen Test or PCR Test routine for employees and ship crews.
  • Provide healthy, safe & environmentally friendly work practices in ship operations with our working environment.

We believe that human resource is considered to be a valuable asset for the company. We recruit only highly competence work force in the industry and provide them with necessary tools and resources. This will ensure quality of attitude, logical thinking, safe behavior and leadership. Our key success is driven by our team player and their action and commitment to deliver results. 

ENL recognizes the importance of proper quality management and has over the years built up and implemented effective management systems and routines.

To meet this requirement PT. Eka Nusantara line has embraced the IMO’s International Safety Management (ISM) Code & Safety system. The quality including Health, Safety & Environment Management System (ISO 9001: 20015, ISO 14001 :2015 & OSHAS 18001: 2007) is designed to ensure the Company:

  • Complies with mandatory rules and regulations.
  • Takes into consideration all applicable codes, guidelines and standards recommended by ISO & IMO, administrations, classification societies and maritime industry organizations.
  • Safety is the concern of all and has no rank. To this end, the management is committed to making all personnel more safety conscious and encourages all to be come actively involved in identifying possible hazards, implementing corrective action and constantly monitoring all facets of their working environment to ensure Quality/Safety conditions prevail. 

As our standards improve, new goals and targets will be set to which all personnel shall strive to attain. 


  • To protect and avoid personal from injury and hardship
  • To undertake all duties safely, to prevent the incidents that may cause personal injury and hardship and Target Zero Accident
  • To develop a sense responsibility to all employees with respect to safety occupational. 
  • Well prepared employees. Prior to their assignments, employees must meet at least the minimum skills required for the proposed position.
  • Set up the company’s annual training program for employees to improve their skills.
  • Committed to meet the agreed contractual conditions with the customers.
  • A quick response to the customer’s complaints by doing action not more than two days after the complaints. 


  • ISM Code  

The International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (International Safety Management (ISM) Code The IMO Resolution.